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Harnessing Leading
Sector Expertise Focused
on Positive Returns

Tamridge Capital is an investment firm that seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns over a multi‐year investment horizon. Our seasoned teams are committed to deep fundamental analysis and disciplined risk management.

We focus on opportunities across the Technology, Healthcare, Consumer and Industrials sectors.

We are based in San Francisco with additional offices in Boston, New York and Connecticut.

Fundamentally Driven Research Combined
with Disciplined Risk Management

The following core qualities characterize our research-based equity strategy:

Seasoned team

Each of our sector-focused portfolio managers have, on average, over two decades of industry experience.

Agile structure

Our autonomous sector-based research teams execute ideas based on rigorous fundamental analysis while maintaining the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and capture new opportunities as they arise.

Comprehensive risk management

We continuously measure, monitor and may seek to hedge out unpredictable market-related factors, with the goal of isolating company-specific attributes that drive long-term investment gains.

Opportunistic, style-agnostic view

Our investment mandate includes investing in equities across key market sectors and market caps, through all parts of a company’s life cycle.

Guided by Knowledgeable, Experienced Sector Specialists

Our investment-team members have developed their strategies over numerous years. Our Founder and CIO, Josh Fisher, has more than 25 years of experience and a strong track record that’s well regarded by the industry.

Tamridge Experience By-the-Numbers


Number of professionals across our teams


Average years of experience for our portfolio managers

Josh Fisher, Founder and CIO

Josh is Tamridge’s Founder and CIO. He has over 25 years of investment experience in both private and public companies across all healthcare sectors. After several years as a sell‐side analyst, he moved to the buy‐side in 2000, which included roles as Principal for Pequot Capital, Founder and Portfolio Manager at PresPoint Capital, Partner Redmile Group and Portfolio Manager at Ashler Capital. Josh is also a Founding Board Member of Colorwave, a non-profit focused on making the innovation economy more equitable and inclusive by providing leaders of color access to the start-up industry. Josh received a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Disciplined, Dynamic and
Diversified Across Key Sectors

Our long-short equity strategy consists of in-house research and comprehensive risk management with the goal of minimizing systemic risks, such as style factors and industry themes.

We aim to have a rigorous, repeatable investment process, and a portfolio that is well diversified across Healthcare, Technology, Consumer and Industrials.